Tiago Santos Pereira

tspTiago Santos Pereira is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Social Studies (CES), of which he was its Executive-Director between 2006 and 2008. With a DPhil in Science and Technology Policy Studies, from SPRU, University of Sussex, his research is presently focused on the issues of the governance ofscience and technology, including issues such as expertise, policy-making and participation, S&T and inequality, S&T policies and indicators, IPR and academic research or the construction of socio-technical imaginaries. He is developing work at the intersection of Science and Technology Studies (STS) and the Innovation Studies. He develops his research in CES under the Research Group on Science, Economy and Society (NECES), of which he is co-coordinator. His work has been published in national and international journals and books, and he has served as reviewer for different international journals.

He is co-coordinator of the Doctoral Programme ‘Governance, Knowledge and Innovation’, launched in 2005 in partnership between CES and the School of Economics of the University of Coimbra (FEUC), on which he lectures two semester seminars on ‘Policies for Science and Knowledge’. This programme, presently in its second edition, develops an innovative partnership between the economic and sociological perspectives on these issues.

Besides his research work, he has sought to collaborate with different S&T policy-making institutions, in evaluation as well as in policy studies, and with other publics. He is presently National Delegate in the Programme Committee of the 7th Framework Programme, under the priority on ‘Socio-Economic Sciences and Humanities’ and is a member of the Network Board of the ERA-NET NORFACE, representing the Foundation for Science and Technology, and he has collaborated with the regular press with opinion texts.

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